Pastoral Dogs

The Pastoral dog group make excellent pets for those that love the outdoors. They have lots of energy and very willing to join you when you leave the house. They love an adventure and adore spending their time in the great outdoors. The Pastoral dog group tend not be overly pushy with strangers or other animals, this can be mistaken for hostility. As a group, they have a tendency to herd and protect and this can sometimes be an issue if your dog has this strong, innate behaviour; as they will want to do the same with children. To prevent this from happening you should train your dog not to do this whilst they’re still a puppy. However, with adequate training and proper socialisation from a young age, there should be no issue with a Pastoral dog joining a family with young children.

The Pastoral dog breed group consist of some of the most intelligent dog breeds within the UK. As well as their herding instincts, this dog group has been bred with intellect. They are able to conform to the majority of commands they are given. Collies are one of the most intelligent dog breeds and they are quick to learn new tricks.

This dog breed group tends to be very healthy because of their breeding standards. However, there are some genetic disorders that do run within this dog group and they are; hip dysplasia and blindness. These health issues can be significantly reduced if they are bred correctly and with healthy parents. Overall, this dog breed group are very healthy, happy and would suit an outdoorsy family with lots of energy. They have some of the biggest personalities when it comes to dog breeds, thus making them a popular choice of dog to own.

The vast majority of dog breeds with this group are no longer worked as sheepdogs and are now bred as pets. They intelligence and sound temperament makes them an easy dog breed for obedience training. However, some of the dog breeds within this group can be rather aloof as appose to other dog breed groups.

Popular Pastoral Dog Breeds

Border Collie

The Border Collie was originally developed to help control and gather sheep. They have a unique stare that helps control their flock. They have lots of energy, drive and stamina. They excel in lots of sports and obedience games.

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Bearded Collie

The Bearded Collie was first developed in Scotland to help herd cattle and sheep during bad weather conditions. They now excel being an integral part of a family. They’re easy to train and require lots of exercises.

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English Shepherd

This dog breed is valued for their loyalty and companionship to their family. They’re one of the most loyal dog breeds and are highly intelligent. They have a wonderful temperament and fantastic personality.

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