Hound Dogs

Hound Dog Breed Group is a group of dog breeds that all have very similar characters and personalities. Originally bred as working dogs, this group of dogs have an innate sense of smell and this is why they’re referred to as Hound Dogs.

The hound group itself can be further divided down into three sub-categories, which are; Sighthounds, Scenthounds and finally, other Hound breeds. This dog breed group is very distinct from other dog breed groups, as they have a unique strength, amazing scent recognition and the ability to chase down an animal at great speed.

They’re extremely diverse and range from Bloodhounds, Elkhounds to Beagles. They all come in a variety of sizes and shapes, all with different lengths of coat. They do require lots of training and this should start at a young age. Recall training is a must as these dog breeds like to run far and will need an experienced owner to control this and summon them back when needed.

The Hound dog group is known for being noisy, in-fact, this dog breed group are very loud and if this is potentially an issue, then you must consider whether a hound dog breed is suitable for you and your family. Despite their noisy ways, this dog breed group make an excellent addition to most families. They’re loyal, loving and excellent with young children.

Popular Hound Dog Breeds


The Dachshund was originally bred to hunt badger and other game; back in the day. This dog breed comes in three different varieties: Long coat, wire-haired coat and smooth coat. The Dachshund is known to be feisty and have lots of energy. They love an adventure and make wonderful companions for a family. This dog breed would suit an active family that enjoys spending their weekends in the great outdoors.

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Basset Hound

This delightful dog breed has incredibly short legs and wrinkly face. The Basset Hound breed are famous for their sense of smell. Originally bred to hunt for rabbits and hare, this dog breed makes a wonderful addition to the family and is a popular choice in many UK family homes. They are known for being very lazy and therefore prone to weight gain. This should be monitored at all times and it’s important that they are no over-fed and do receive regular exercise. This dog breed is great with children and is generally very friendly.

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The Whippet originates from England and are bred to run very large distances in a quick amount of time. As they’re a sight hound, they're generally good at hunting and locating prey with the use of their eyes. The Whippet is one of the fastest dog breeds on the planet. They require lots of exercise and would suit a family that loves the outdoors and going for long walks in their spare time. The Whippet excels at most dog sports and is fantastic with agility training and playing ball.

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