Dog Breed Groups

There are over two hundred dog breeds within the UK. Our devoted four-legged friends come in all shapes and sizes and, like, humans they are all completely different. Unfortunately, there are lots of people that make the mistake of selecting a dog purely based on their appearance and forgetting to do their research first on what dog breed would be most suitable for them and their family. It is so important that you research the specific dog breed you’re interested in and whether you have the right knowledge, experience and money to care for that particular breed.

There are many different groups of dog breeds and not all of them will be suitable for everyone. Majority of dog breeds have been bred for a certain purpose, whether it’s guarding, herding or hunting. Before buying a puppy or dog you must fully understand the needs of that particular dog breed before you commit.

To help you better understand what dog breed would be suitable, this article will explore the different types of dog breeds and their personalities. It is worth noting that this is a very rough guide and that some dog breeds will vary as their natural instincts will be different within each group. Their behaviors can also depend on their upbringing and surroundings.

Kennel Club Groups

Gun Dogs

Gundogs were originally trained to hunt for game and to retrieve game that had been shot. Fast forward many years, this dog breed group makes a lovable addition to an active family that enjoys the outdoors. They have a wonderful temperament and make excellent companions. They’re a working dog breed and respond very well to retrieval exercises. Typically British, the Gundog breed group adores their loved ones and will often spend their time outdoors hunting for pheasants.

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Hound Dogs

The Hound Group consists of a diverse range of dog breeds. The difference in dog breeds ranges from; The Beagle, Elkhound, Bloodhound and may more. All the dog breeds within this group come in all shapes and sizes and have a difference in personalities. Their personalities range from being very laid-back to rambunctious. Regardless of their differences, they all require lots of exercise as the majority of the dog breeds within this group have high energy levels and therefore require plenty of mental and physical stimulation.

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Hybrid Dogs

Hybrid dog breed group consists of lots of different breeds that have been bred using one or two different dog breeds.Often Hybrid dogs are bred for a certain appearance, personality or both. There is a perceived perception that a hybrid dog will carry the perfect genetic pool, as often breeders will breed two dogs that possess certain characteristics and believe that the hybrid dog will inherit this or the best genes from both dogs used for breeding. This is simply not the case and is the reason why the hybrid dog breed group is referred to as a “designer dog”.

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Pastoral Dogs

The Pastoral dog breed group was originally bred to help manage livestock. They are known for being very alert to their surroundings and tend to be very tough and healthy. This dog breed group is extremely intelligent and require lots of physical and mental stimulation. They do require jobs to do as they’re prone to becoming bored if not tasked with something to do. This dog breed group would suit a family or companion that enjoys spending time in the great outdoors.

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Terrier Dogs

Terrier dog breeds were used to hunt for vermin and were bred to be able to sniff out their prey and hunt when needed. Nowadays, Terrier dog breeds make lovable pets at home. They still, however, have a distinct nature which makes them brave, strong, determined hunters. The word ‘terrier’ originates from the Latin word ‘terra’ which means earth. The terrier dog breed group has been around since ancient times and also as early as the middle ages, where they were often portrayed by influential writers and painters.

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Toy Dogs

Toy dogs are most traditionally referred to as a very small breed of dog. A typical toy dog breed often has the smallest of frames and petite stature. They naturally require extra care and attention because of their size. Toy Dog breeds are prone to laziness because of their size and the way that they are handled. Often full of energy and sit perfectly well on their owner's lap, this dog breed group have a laid-back approach to life and enjoy the endless amount of attention they receive.

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Utility Dogs

The Utility dog breed group consists of a variety of dog breeds with non-sporting origins. This specific group of dog breeds were once bred to be suitable for work, but as the years have passed, the type of work the Utility dogs were once bred for, no longer exists. This particular dog breed group includes many lovable dog breeds such as the Poodle and Dalmatian.

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Working Dogs

The working dog breed group is a profound group of intelligent, powerful and strong dog breeds. They work hard supporting our forces on search and rescue, military, guard dogs and with the police. They have wonderful personalities but can sometimes be very serious. They aim to please and love nothing more than supporting their owners with any tasks that need completing. They require plenty of exercise and lots of outdoor space to roam and explore.

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