Umbrella Cockatoo Female 6yr Old Gabby

Heanor, Derbyshire


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Age:7 Years 9 Months 18 Days

Pet Breed: Parrots

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Pet Description

With a broken heart we are selling our Umbrella Cockatoo Gabby.

She is aprox 6yr old female mild natured and talks, whistles and tries to sing (not very well hehe)

Gabby has a lovely nature and loves as all umbrella cockatoo's do cuddling, she sits only shoulder or in my arms all night being stroked, cuddled and kisses

The reason I am heart brackingly putting her up for sale is my 14yr old is petrified of her and won't come downstairs when she is out and after nearly 3yrs its a tough decision to make :(

She has never gone for my daughter, its just her fear.

Please do research cockatoo's they can be very very loud and they will eat your doors etc although the furniture she's not too bad.

I will not let her go to just any home this has to be her forever home she deserves that, she is a sweetheart and very loving.

She eats fresh vegetables and fruit and anything really but has a really healthy good diet.

She will be better in a home without small children, she has never been around them, also no dogs although is fine with our shitzu dogs and birds generally do not mix...

She's a ladies girl but goes to my other half no problem

Please message with any questions

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