Pedigree Ragdoll Kittens Active / Non Active

Edinburgh, Edinburgh


Pet Information

Advertiser Type: Breeder

Council License: No

Advert: For Sale

Age:5 Years 20 Days

Pet Breed: Ragdoll

Microchipped: Yes

Vaccinations: Yes

Neutered: No

Registered: GCCF

Ad Expired/Closed

Pet Description

*All photos are genuine and made by my daughter :)
(Text/email preferred - we receive too many spam calls)

We are pleased to announce the birth of healthy litter of stunning ragdoll kittens.

All our kittens from this litter will be dual registered with both FIFE and GCCF and will leave our house with the relevant paperwork. Both parents are GCCF and FIFE active and PKD and HCM free. We are registered with various cat clubs and abide by their rules as well as by code of practice for the walfare of cats.

Mother: British Lineage, 7 CHAMPIONS in Pedigree, Genetic Tests: ALL CLEAR.
Father: [Imported] Polish/Canadian Lineage, 33 [GIC,IC,CH] CHAMPIONS in Pedigree. I will repeat it again...33!!!
Tested for all existing genetic abnormalities - ALL CLEAR.

Our kitties:
Seal Mitted Boy [Available]
Seal Mitted Boy [Available]
Blue Mitted Boy [RESERVED]
Seal Tortie Girl [Available]
Seal Tortie Girl [Available] [Available as Pet or Active]
Blue Tortie Girl [Available] [Available as Pet or Active]

£880 is the price for non-active [not for breeding] kitten.
We can however consider GIRL from this litter to be placed on the active register. The price for the active girl is £1500.
The price reflects the multitude of champions in the kitten's lineage. The parents of the kittens which we will register as active, are tested for all existing genetic mutations [all clear]

Deposit of £200 reserves the kitten of your choice [pet]
The deposit for active kitten is £500 [for breeding]
Between deposit placement and final purchase of the kitten, photo updates will be provided.
[Please keep in mind that the deposit is non-refundable!]

Important: All males will be registered non active.

Kittens will leave our house:
*After reaching 13 weeks of age.
*GCCF & FiFe Registered
*With 4 generation paperwork
*Fully Vaccinated
*Insured for the first 4 weeks
*Precautionary dewormed & defled,
*Socialised [handled since birth]
*Weaned on dry and wet food
*Litter Trained
*Scratch post trained
*With kitten contract
*Vet checked at least 2 times [by house-visiting veterinarian to prevent any cross-contamination]
*With the STARTER PACK! Which includes litter tray, scoop, dry food, blanket with the mother's scent, small pack of wood pellet, feeding instructions, various toys and grooming brush.

We will be looking for the best possible homes for our kittens therefore we prefer if someone writes a short description about themselves and why they wish to have one of our kittens.

Ragdolls are STRICTLY indoor pets.

Please be aware that ragdolls are not suitable for people who work long hours as they are very cuddly pets which crave attention. In that case a pair is recommended [for the kittens to keep each other's company] and we are happy to sell siblings or kittens from litters born within similar time frame to suitable homes.

We are happy to keep in touch with people who purchased from us kitten before or consider getting one from the future litters! :)

Please feel free to visit our FBpage BlizzardofCats for the latest kitten availability updates!

Thank you for reading our lengthy description, if you wish to ask us any questions please feel free to send us an email.

If you have mobility issues or you cannot travel to pick up the kitten personally, we can deliver. Please enquiry for more information.

Avoid Online Pet Scams

  • Sellers offering expensive pedigree dogs at discount prices
  • Potential sellers offer to meet you away from the house at a location halfway, which may seem like they’re being helpful, when in fact they’re most likely hiding something conspicuous; such as the exact location as to where the puppies were bred
  • Sellers not allowing you to see the mum because ‘ they’re at the vets’ or ‘out on a walk’
  • Advertising a puppy for sale with a ‘fake’ mum to make it look like they’ve been bred in a family home
  • Sellers offering to post the puppies pedigree or medical paperwork
  • Sellers asking for deposits up-front before seeing the puppy (which potentially may not exist)
  • Puppies displaying health issues such as back problems or snoring and sellers claiming that this is ‘normal’ for the dog breed in question
  • Be aware of sellers offering a ‘rare’ breed colour
  • Puppies imported from abroad and being sold without the appropriate vaccinations or being sold too young
  • If you experience any of the above please makse sure to report the seller to us

Are you aware?

Important Buying Advice

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