Panther Chamaleon

Bristol, Bristol

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Advert: For Sale

Age:1 Years 2 Months 6 Days

Pet Breed: Chameleon

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Selling my male Panther chamaleon. ALL SET UP INCLUDE!!

- Vivarium
- Waterfall
- Plants
- Mistking ( you don´t have to worry about misting three times a day ! )
- A pack of multiple vitamins which I´ve been feeding him with.

Steven is 1 year and a half old, very friendly and cute, every time I open the cage he goes straight away into my arm to hang out with me. He gets a very wide range of colours, like when he wakes up is greeny, sometimes blue and purple tones, when he gets exited get oranges and red and sleep in yellow. He eats and drinks well. very easy to maintain!. I am selling him because I am leaving England. I am looking for someone responsable, want him to be in good hands :)

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