Horsefield Tortoise 2.5 years old with full setup

Biggleswade, Bedfordshire


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Horsefield Tortoise 2.5 years old, with full set up and extra accessories.

We are selling our still baby Horsefield Tortoise as we have just had a baby. We are very reluctant to part with him/her as it truly is an amazing pet with such a personality but with the baby we cannot dedicate the time and we need the space now.

Included with this would be the box table which the Tortoise spends the day in and sleeps in. A heat lamp which is the correct and recommended one for tortoises, including the bulb which lasts for a year or more. Our last one lasted about a year and a half. Acssories such as food and water bowl, small and large bridge for climbing and a few other play things, calcium powder, and I have quite a lot of sub-straight for the Tortoise to walk and dig under, enough to do about 3-4 changes so will have enough for a year or so.

This whole setup cost around £260.00+ without the extras. We bought this from an expert breeder as well as the Tortoise and went for the premium setup, so be assured this is the very best setup you can get. Also with breeders the quality of Tortoise is much better than shop bought, they dedicate more time with them and have a shinier shell than the ones we saw at pet shops.

The Tortoise itself is very healthy and energetic with loads of personality. It loves cabbage and rocket and very easy to look after. We do not know the sex as it is too young yet to determine.

If you would like to come and see the Tortoise and set up please email or message me to arrange date and time.

Cash on Collection only.

Ideally we would like £200.00 which is for everything, will also include a few other bits like small bath towels and the other play things and sub straight.

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