Hermanns Tortoises


Hastings, East Sussex

Pet Description

Baby Hermanns Tortoises. £150 for two. Adorable little Tortoises, less than 2 inches long. For sale in two's only as they love company. Fully registered and licensed with DEFRA. These tortoises live outdoors day and night through the summer months. As they are so small they will require a guinea pig run or similar for the first few years but will thrive living loose in a safe garden when they are large enough. Care sheets supplied and full aftercare advice given regarding hibernation etc.

Advert Type:For Sale
Age:1-2 years
Pet Breed:Hermann Tortoise
Pet tags:Baby Tortoises

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Important Checklist for adopting or buying a Hermann Tortoise 
Before making contact, or planning a visit for this Hermann Tortoise, please make sure you have considered all the points made on the below checklist. We advise that you DO NOT buy a reptile from the advertiser unless you are happy that you can tick off every point on this list and are confident that the advertiser is genuine. If you have any concerns over an advertiser please report them to us.

Research first
The fact that you’re considering adopting, or buying a new reptile is an important decision. Your new scaly friend will solely rely on you in many ways, so it's important that you’re 100% committed beforehand. You can do further reading about caring for a reptile and their well-being in our pet advice section.

Is the advertiser genuine?
Confirm that the advertiser is genuine. You can do this by arranging a visit with the potential advertisers home, if they try to avoid you visiting, or make excuses, then you should be concerned. If the advertiser asks for money, or deposit to be paid online without you visiting the reptile at their home, or they request to meet you somewhere or drop the reptile off at yours, then please DO NOT agree. We advise that you should never send money online. If you’re concerned about an advertisers authenticity then please report them to us.  

MyPetZilla conducts various checks on advertisers on this site, but are unable to confirm that all are genuine. So please make sure you visit the advertiser at their home and verify this yourself.

Age of the reptile
The vast majority of reptiles, such as; Tortoises, Turtles, Lizards and Snakes should be at least 8 weeks of age before they leave their mothers.

Confirmation of the CITES Article 10 Certificate
There are certain exotic pets such as some species of snakes and majority of tortoises that are covered by CITES regulations. You must ask the seller if they are in possession of the Article 10 certificate and if you decide to purchase or adopt the reptile, then you must ask for the original copy of this certificate.

Health check of the reptile
It is very important that you check the health of your reptile before you decide to adopt or buy. Although this can be difficult, most sellers will agree that you can return the reptile within 48 hours should they have any health issues. It's worth taking your reptile to the vet for a complete health check as soon as you take them home. The seller should be willing for you to do this. If the reptile  has already had a health check by the sellers veterinary practice, then they should provide you with the legitimate paperwork to support this. It is also worth ringing the vet to confirm everything beforehand.