Big Blue Mink Mitted

Manchester, Manchester


Pet Information

Advertiser Type: Standard

Advert: For Stud

Age:5 Years 7 Months 17 Days

Pet Breed: Ragdoll

Microchipped: No

Vaccinations: Yes

Neutered: No

Registered: No

Pet Description

Hi, my boy shadow is proven and has some outstanding kittens! Females of any breed as long as the requirements are met. She will need to be vaccinated, nails clipped, de flead etc.

Your Queen will stay with my boy for up to 3 days, on her second day of calling.

My boy is a gentle giant, he loves to play fetch and loves lots of cuddles especially from my children.

Your Queen will be away from my children in my cat room that's inside my house not outside, there is an enclosure they go out to through the window so all is secure and has more then she will need.

She will be treated like my own which is spoilt the majority of time :)

stud fee paid upon arrival, if not successful 1s attempt then free return, the fee is none refundable.

She must come back into heat on the 4th week or no free return, this has only happened the once.

I will provide everything your Queen needs and more but feel free to bring her own things for comfort. Anything else you want to know please ask :)

Avoid Online Pet Scams

  • Sellers offering expensive pedigree dogs at discount prices
  • Potential sellers offer to meet you away from the house at a location halfway, which may seem like they’re being helpful, when in fact they’re most likely hiding something conspicuous; such as the exact location as to where the puppies were bred
  • Sellers not allowing you to see the mum because ‘ they’re at the vets’ or ‘out on a walk’
  • Advertising a puppy for sale with a ‘fake’ mum to make it look like they’ve been bred in a family home
  • Sellers offering to post the puppies pedigree or medical paperwork
  • Sellers asking for deposits up-front before seeing the puppy (which potentially may not exist)
  • Puppies displaying health issues such as back problems or snoring and sellers claiming that this is ‘normal’ for the dog breed in question
  • Be aware of sellers offering a ‘rare’ breed colour
  • Puppies imported from abroad and being sold without the appropriate vaccinations or being sold too young
  • If you experience any of the above please makse sure to report the seller to us

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