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Maesteg, Bridgend

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Advert: For Sale

Age: 37 Wks 3 Days

Pet Breed: American Bulldog

Size: Large Dog Breeds

Microchipped: Yes

Vaccinations: Yes

Neutered: No

KC Registered: Yes

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We have 6 Pedigree NKC registered American Bulldog puppies available left for sale from a litter of 11. We are looking for enthusiastic, loving and caring forever homes for them with forever support from us.

Even though mum is still happy to feed them, puppies are already weaning on to natural food 6 times per day, including: cottage cheese, meat, chicken, porridge, fruits and vegetables and they are growing quickly.

Curious, playful and most important - healthy. The pups absolutely adore to play games with our kids, run around the garden, share millions of toys and are learning a few things like : coming for food when called, “no” for naughty behaviour, “wait” and “sit” . Our cat introduced herself to the puppies but they have paid no interest to her as of yet. Bred for health & wellness in our house.

The puppies are ready to leave us on 2nd April. They've been vet-checked, de-fleaed, micro-chipped, have their 1st injections and come with puppy passport. They are fully pedigreed, both parents have a good bloodline with Pie (mum) having champions in her blood line, they'll be registered with the NKC and will come with full paper work documents when they get to you. Pie also went to training school with high marks for obedience.

Mum and Dad can be seen on the NKC website, Google "Pie Kalko" (Mum) and Rocco (Dad) "Top Dog of Barton". Mum lives with us.... Viewings encouraged.

Here are descriptions of their characters and prices so you can choose the right puppy for you - (Note - using pet names). Montage photos taken at 6 and 7 weeks of puppies age.

This boy with mostly dark brindle and a lovely collar around his neck. 1-st born, thus the name, and one of the biggest of the litter. He'll be a large pooch! He's independent and loves his quiet time, but loves to play too. One of the first to sleep after play and one of the first to say hello. A serious professor, brave, strong and with a great big heart. He is one of the calmest dogs of the litter, not too much will surprise him, so it will be a pleasure to walk him in busy places, where he will catch an eye but stay as confidence as a dog can be. Good Show potential. £1,000

Always in the mix, Patch loves exploring, climbing, meeting new people. He is now the biggest of the litter, and with just one brindle eye patch - a great show dog. A real corsair, adventurous, open minded, and loves to run around. Very loving, always lot of licks and plays well with kids. He also such a polite gentleman, never starts any fights, but defend himself if any of his siblings have a go at him. Because of his size and very leading character , pups treats him with respect. Very active puppy and also the calmest ( strange combination). He better will suit an active and experienced family, as he is going to be giant and a very serious dog. £1,000

1 DOT.
Another big dog and big on character. Follows you everywhere, he doesn't like to miss out on anything. Great on your lap but not for long as he'll get big! Soft & loving, always eager to please, playful, loves all his mums toys and yet, respectful. 1 dot has a curly tail ( cosmetic failure ) but has been vet checked already with no issues. Would love a family environment to share all his love with. If you are looking for a big dog 1-st time, he will be a great choice. He is clumsy and funny with all his bulldoggy skin folds and nothing can make him more happy, than to chill out on your lap. £750

Unusual , triangle shaped and dark brindle markings on his back with panda likes eye patches , Chess is full of fun, a big kid. Like Tom Hanks in "Big", loves to play and be in with his siblings. Another big boy, never gets in to trouble despite a curious nature. He is the perfect choice for a family with kids and other animals. He would climb on other pups just to come closer to you and be able to give you tons of kisses. He is managing to be in millions of places in the same time, adores to play but is always very gentle and caring to everybody and everything. He'll do well at puppy school as he's keen to try new things and yet, compliant. Loves his food, always running away with a dish and loves to be the centre of attention. As 1 Dot, he will be perfect if you are looking for your first big breed. Also, being so human and company orientated, careful to everything and gentle, he will be great to people of all ages and any other animals in your household. £1,000

A big, mostly white girl with 2 brindle spots on her back and an eye patch. She's an eye catching, beautiful looking girl. Brave, strong and heaps of energy. Doesn't take any messing from her brothers, she often looks out for her small sister, Mini-Pie. Loves her kisses and human attention, she also loves her siblings to fall asleep around her. But being very strong and independent in her character, she will need a strong and experienced hand. She is such a spinning top, with very strong herding and guarding inclinations – as an American bulldog should be. She will make a perfect companion on any of your fitness events – perfect for an active and sporty family. Will make a great show dog, another perfect example of the breed. £1,000.

Born one of the smaller puppy girls but soon catching up, Mini-pie has striking looks with fiery tiger like markings. She's 60% white and 40% brindle. She's like a spinning-top, in a million places at the same time, and full of fun. One of the 1st to sleep after feeding and a run around, she has a calm side too. Loves her sleep and even the recent earthquake didn't wake her. Loves the company of her siblings, for now she'll make a great lap dog. This girl will perfectly suit any loving and responsible family. Mini-Pie is happy to be in your hands, in a minute – chase her siblings, then with a rocket speed - run in the garden and at the end bring you a toy and fall asleep next to you. She is so confident and attentive, she knows, where is the way over the line and always very happy to please you with her obedience and good behaviour. Would be good for shows as another great example of the breed. Good for 1st time owners of a big breed. £1,000

Happy to discuss delivery.

House number is better, little mobile signal here.

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