10 week old female bullmastiff x staffy (bullmastaff)

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Age:1 Years 1 Months 18 Days

Pet Breed: Mixed Breed

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Microchipped: Yes

Vaccinations: Yes

Neutered: No

KC Registered: No

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I am proud to introduce our ten week old 'bullmastaff' / 'Staffordshire bullmastiff' pup - who is looking for her forever home.

I cannot upload any other photos due to my handset, I have taken a couple as it lets me access my camera but she is asleep at the moment so if you want any more pictures please feel free to contact me.

She did originally have a new loving home lined up but unfortunately the new owner suffered unforseen family events and as such has prevented her from going.

Mum is our gorgeous white and black staffy called Princess and dad is our very proud bullmastiff Apollo. Mum and dad are both young, fit and healthy - and as they are our family pets both can be seen with her and a couple of other pups in our home.

The price of the her reflects what I have spent in order to ensure princess stayed a good weight whilst carrying and then her feeding them, along with costs of vet, food, equipment, etc.

She will go to her new home with the following:
wormed + 2 months treatment,
flea treated + 2 months treatment,
first vaccine administered and second vaccine paid for,

Full vet health check and certificate,
Fully weaned,
Almost toilet trained.

She will also come with a full explanation as to when she will need her final injection, future worm and flea treatment and a general bit of info regarding feeding, routine, etc.

She is a fit, healthy, amazing puppy who loves playing. She is toileting outside and eating fresh meat and vegetables along with puppy food; she has a full clean bill of health to date.

She will be medium-large when fully grown. Heavy, muscular and solidly built and will have the combined power of both breeds meaning she could be a handful unless trained correctly and under proper control at all times.

Both breeds (staffy and bullmastiff) are exceptionally powerful so the she will need consistent training from an early age to ensure a well-mannered adult.
Neither breed responds well to impatience or negativity so firm reward based training is the way to go.

Staffys are the ONLY breed listed as totally reliable nanny dogs in their breed standard by the Kennel Club. But both of these breeds are affectionate, loyal, calm and gentle they consider themselves guardians of the family and adore children. As with any dog, you should teach your children how to behave with her and vice versa.

A Bullmastaff is a fantastic family dog. They are adaptable and with enough exercise and space will happily live an apartment. They love their families but like all dogs they do not do well at home all day alone.
They also do not cope with the heat very well so always make sure they have a cool place to relax.

For this reason she would ideally suit a family or those who already own a dog - especially those with previous experience of larger breeds.

She is growing up in a house with children and other small animals so they will be well socialised.

She is a true loving family member and we will be sad to see her and the others go; as such I would require some background on yourself before I will allow her to leave for her new forever home. This may seem quite blunt but as a responsible dog owner and lover of animals I would expect the new owner should have no issues with this.

Buying Advice

Are you planning on giving this pet a home? Please make sure to visit our Dog Advice section for further information on being a responsible owner and general pet advice. However here are a few helpful dog related articles which we recommend you read before you make your final decision to adopt or buy a dog:

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