White Swiss Shepherd

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Life span

14 Years


40 Kg

Breed Group

Hybrid Dogs

White Swiss Shepherd Characteristics

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Exercise Needs
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Dogs Health
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Child Friendly
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Grooming Needs
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Energy Levels
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Dog friendly
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White Swiss Shepherd Overview

The White Swiss Shepherd is medium sized dog breed with a moderately sized body. Their typical height at the withers is in the region of :Females 55-61cm and Males 60 - 66 cm.

Their ears are erect and elongated and their coat either comes in medium length or long. This dog breed has a rectangular shaped body and weighs in the region of: Females 25-35 kg and Males 30-40 kg.

They’re known for being very elegant by nature with a well-balanced temperament and friendly demour. This dog breed loves to play and enjoy plenty of action. If trained correctly they have the ability to complete most commands given to them. Given plenty of love the White Swiss Shepherd will be extremely devoted to their owner.

They’re very easy to train and need an owner that's willing to put the hours in with their continuous behavioural and agility training.

White Swiss Shepherd Photos

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