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Cat Action Trust was founded in 1975, and was among the first to use the Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) humane method of controlling feral cats. Their Carmarthenshire branch is set in a rural area, as this countryside location has a large population of feral cats that centre around agricultural communities; consequently Cat Action Trust helps and works with local farmers to trap and neuter the cats and return them to site where possible. Cat Action Trust say "By neutering and returning we can prevent new colonies from evolving and by building good relationships with the farmers, monitor the cats to ensure good health and numbers.

Feral cats are often ordinary domestic cats living wild because they have been lost or abandoned, and they multiply - a healthy female can give birth to up to 120 kittens in her lifetime! This leads to further problems as it's often the case that the kittens grow up without contact with humans, and are often terrified when they do encounter them.

Feral cats often form colonies wherever they can find food – the grounds of hospitals and other institutions, farms, disused buildings and building sites amongst others. Cat Action Trust volunteers visit these colonies, trap cats, have them neutered and treated for any health problems, tame the kittens and find domestic homes, or return the neutered adults to their site if there is provision for food and shelter. If there is not they are removed to other sites where there is food and shelter, usually in small groups. Cat Action Trust volunteers also organise feeding rotas and keep an eye open for any new arrivals that may need veterinary treatment or neutering; and they ensure all the cats are safe and well.

"Although we are a small group we are always working hard to ensure that we can help as many cats and kittens as possible through our neutering programme, homing and fundraising, so we would welcome new volunteers to help with any of these."
If you think you could volunteer, foster or even adopt a cat, then get in touch with Camarthenshire Cat Action Trust today!

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