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The winter season can make dogs suffer from colds, sensitivity in their paws to various allergens the season brings, as …

16 October 2017

High Energy Dog Breeds

Some breed of dogs are more active than others and require extensive exercise and mental stimulation to stay healthy and…

10 October 2017

Naughtiest Dog Breeds

Dog breeds come with their own unique personality, but yet they share one similarity; the naughty streak. Carry on ready…

Ever wondered if your dog has hit the 10 Top Dog Breed List? Year on year the same dog breeds make the cut. Read on for …

Different weather conditions and seasons throughout the year can actually have an impact on your dog.

12 September 2017

Dog Aggression

With dog aggression on the up, vets and owners need to tackle the issue head on. Read on for helpful tips and signs to w…

6 September 2017

Pet Obesity In Dogs

With more and more dogs becoming overweight, it is important that the facts are explained and ways to prevent this disea…

4 September 2017

Puppy Buying Checklist

You're probably reading this article as you're considering buying or adopting a new puppy.

1 September 2017

Why Do Chihuahuas Shake

Chihuahuas are well known to be forever shivering and shaking.

Snoring is one of them annoying things that we all have to put up with from time to time.

8 August 2017

5 Large Dog Breeds

If you're looking for a dog for adoption or dog for sale then you might want to consider a large dog breed. Large dog br…

4 August 2017

5 Giant Dog Breeds

Dog breeds are often divided into various sizes, which range from, toy dog breeds, small dog breeds, medium dog breeds, …

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