Pet Care Advice

Pet care advice and information to help you care for your pet

Cat Care

Caring for your cat in the right way is important. Cats are notoriously fussy and their caretaking reflects this. 

Home Cat

Stay at home cats are prone to becoming bored. There are lots of ways to stimulate them and keep them entertained. Read …

Cat Behaviors

I don’t know about you, but I wish I were a modern world Dr. Doolittle so I can decode and understand the secret life of…

cat licking

People tend to think that animals show love by licking us. But is this really true? Is there another reason why they obs…

Help Cats Get Along

Observe your cats, are they getting along well with the other cats? There are lots of reasons why cats are fighting.

Pregnant Cat

A pregnant cat needs to be treated with a lot of care maybe just like humans. Why would they be called queens if this wa…

Newborn Kittens

Kittens rank high on the cuteness scale. When kittens are first born, they're so adorable that your heart panders for a …

Expensive Cat Breeds

The cost of buying a certain cat breed can vary from being completely free to several thousand pounds.

Cats Sleep

On average the domestic cat sleeps more than any other animal.  Adult cats sleep anything between thirteen to twenty hou…

Small Cat Breeds
10 April 2017

Popular Small Cat Breeds

If you're considering buying or adopting a cat and love the idea of looking after a cat that's on the smaller size, then…

Cat Lifespan

Knowing the average cat lifespan can help you prolong your cat's life expectancy, as there are many factors that can inf…

Dog and Cat

If you’re looking to introduce a new dog to the home and already have a cat, or kitten, you will need to introduce both …

Cat and DOg

Are you an owner of a cat and looking to introduce a dog to the family? Research indicates that cats and dogs don't norm…

Owning Kitten

Introducing a new cat, or kitten to your home is a big decision and an important commitment.

Pedigree Kitten

Pedigree kittens are breeds recognised and registered with the UK's main registered body, the Governing Council of the C…

How To Train Your Cat To Do Six Simple Tasks

Most cat owners think that you can't train your cat to do tricks the same way you teach a dog, contrary to popular belie…

Cat Breeds
20 December 2016

Top 10 Cat Breeds

There are many breeds of cats that cat lovers can choose from. They vary in behavior, size, requirements and so forth.

Dog Advice
14 July 2016

Advice on buying a Dog

So this is not as simple as you might think, below you will find some great advice and some very important information…

Kitten Care

As always the first few days when your kitten is introduced to your home you are going to invest most of your time in se…

Pet Cat
9 December 2015

Understanding your pet cat

Have you ever wondered about the meaning behind your feline companion’s body language? How about the noises they make?

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