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21 June 2017 | Rabbit Advice

Ways To Look After Your Rabbits Health

Rabbits are known for being one of the most popular pets in the UK. Sensitive by nature, these wonderful creatures make fantastic family pets. As they’re over sensitive, they're better suited to being looked aftr by tennageers, adults or children under constant supervison.

Rabbits needs to be checked up on at least twice a day. If left alone for too long, they’re prone to becoming depressed and portray disruptive behaviour. Rabbits will struggle to thrive and lead a healthy life with only a small hutch to move around in. A rabbit that is fed scraps is not accepted as  appropriate  care for rabbits.

Rabbits really struggle when left alone without any company. Ideally, you should have  two pet rabbits that live together. This will help keep them happy, entertained and fit.

To help you keep your rabbit fit and healthy, we have shared below some great tips on keeping your rabbits on looking after your pet rabbit.

Maintaining weight control through a healthy diet

Maintaining a healthy weight for your rabbit is not an easy task, often, rabbits are prone to becoming obese if they're not fed the right diet and given enough exercise. Obesity in any animal, especially rabbits, can cause a lot of other health related issues, such as breathing problems, lack of energy, impact on the vital organs, loss of muscle tone and problems moving around.

Your Rabbit's health also depends on a healthy diet, in order to keep your rabbit fit, they must be on a balanced diet that helps support their needs and maintain a healthy weight. You should be feeding your rabbit good quality food with added supplements and leafy greens. Providing enough daily exercise will help maintain their weight to an ideal weight and keep them healthy and happy.

Toys and teaching tricks

Those that own rabbits have come to understand and appreciate how much fun they can be and intelligent for learning new tricks and commands. Some pet rabbits have even been known to use a litter tray for their toilet needs!

Rabbits love the interaction and being taught new tricks. There are many easy tricks to teach your pet rabbit, such as
jumping over low hurdles, sitting upright for a treat and much more. Keeping your rabbit active will not only be fun and engaging for you and the rabbit, but will also help keep the rabbit fit and active.

Your rabbits health will always improve if you spending half an hour a day playing with your rabbit in whatever activity they enjoy is a great way of keeping them entertained and encouraging fitness.

Providing your pet rabbit with a variety of toys to play with and chew on, will not only keep them active, but will also keep them entertained.

Rabbits love digging

Rabbits that live in the wild, like to dig for tunnels and burrows, which they normally live in and will use to move around. This is perfectly natural as it's in their blood to dig and burrow. Of course, you won't want your rabbit to dig up your garden, but it's worth providing them with a suitable area where they can dig and go off on their own. You can do this by providing a box of sand for them to dig and move around in.

Change their living environment

If your rabbit is fortunate to live in a large space, but doesn't really use most of it. Then this would be a good time to switch things about. Rabbits are prone to becoming bored very easily, so, switching things up and putting your rabbit in a smaller space will help them move about and refrain from being lazy and becoming bored.  It's worth swapping their space every now and then and changing the location of their play area. This will not only provide lots of excitement for your pet rabbit, but help them keep healthy and happy.

All of the above suggestions will really help your rabbit's health improve, for further information please make sure to visit our rabbit advice section.


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