Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere?

17 July 2017 | Dog Advice

Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere?

Your dog might be a little clingy sometimes. Some might explain that it was because of the nature of the dog you purchase, but it is not true. The dog breed has nothing to do with it, and such stereotype is ridiculous, just like when you see an Asian, he does not have to be Chinese. It could be cute sometimes to have someone who is obsessed with you and willing to be a stalker for you. However, it could be annoying other times when you struggle to find your personal space because there are always curious eyes following every move you make.

  1. Why?
  2. Instinct

Wolves are known to live in packs with plenty of individuals. They follow the alpha of the pack to do everything: hunting, guarding, marching, etc. Therefore, they will always be after their leader to wait for instruction and to seek for protection. Through domestication, the wild wolves have eventually become your pets in the house nowadays. Though being trained for different purposes, their instinct remains. In his life with you, since you are the one who provides him shelter and food, your dog will take you as the pack leader and practice the same behavior with you.

  1. Separation anxiety

Another reason is his separation anxiety; he does not feel safe when you are not around. This could lead to destructive behavior like defecating, urinating, chew, dig or try to escape the house when you are out. This could start by the time your dog was just a puppy, he developed a dysfunction in being alone and is overly attached to you. If your dog is a rescued or shelter dog that you adopted, it is likely that this is the case. He will take you as a positive change in his life and associate being safe and happy with the presence of you. This behavior is usually reinforced by your petting and giving him treat when you think he is a good boy or he is hungry and goes after you for food.

  1. Boredom

Sometimes, when your dog does not have enough physical activity, he will get bored and try to have fun in other ways, following you is one of them. This should be easy to fix, and there is nothing you should worry about, just give him more time and attention then you should be good to go.

  1. Curiosity

Dogs are highly inquisitive, which could be proven by the curious look in their eyes when they inspect a toad in the garden or a wild animal they have never seen before. Therefore, they could develop the curiosity to whatever you do, they want to know everything you do and always want to keep you in their sight. When you open a bag of chips, they appear out of nowhere, the sound of a cookie jar being opened, poof, they show up, even the clattering sound of you stirring a cup of coffee, they will be there. They are afraid that you will do anything interesting without their witness.

  1. Patrolling

As a member of the pack, your dog will see your house as the territory that needs protecting so whenever you go around; he will think that you are patrolling the area to look for any sign of intruders. Therefore, he will feel the responsibility that he should be on that patrol, too, to get your back in case there is any enemy that wants some troubles.

  1. How to make it stop

If you need some time alone for reasons, you could train your dog the stay or the go to his place command, to have him remain in an intended place while you enjoy your private time. Another way is to install a baby gate to prevent him from entering your room. However, these are just temporary and do not solve the problem from its core.

To solve separation anxiety, you can keep his favorite toy away from him when you are home and only give it back when you are on the way out. This will teach him to stay calm when you are out then reducing his obsession with you. You also can let him sleep in the same room with you, but do not share the bed with him. Leave a mat or his bed in the corner of the room and tell him to sleep there, and then gradually move it outside.

If your dog thinks that following you is a game or he is just curious and stands up every time you do that, you should sit down right after and repeat that until he gets tired and assume that it does not have any meaning, he will leave you alone.

Getting him plenty of exercises is also a solution. You should walk him daily, letting him play in the dog park, so he is physically involved, then he will not feel the urge to find something fun to do, or simply too tired to follow you anymore.

No matter what you do, just remember that the reason your dog follows you is that he loves you, you should take that as a bless, not something annoying and keep in mind that you are his world, it's okay to keep your world in sight.

Author Bio:

John Braise is a professional blogger with years of experience writing and giving advice for pet owners. With a love for pets in general and dogs in particular, he strives to provide information and guidance for those who want the best for their pet. John also writes helpful dog care tips to make owners feel at ease with their four-legged buddies on http://gohappydogs.com/


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