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29 March 2017 | Dog Advice

Top Ten Dog Breeds for Cat Owners

Are you an owner of a cat and looking to introduce a dog to the family? Research indicates that cats and dogs don't normally enjoy each other's company, although they are able to bond and form a tight relationship. However, dogs and cats are extremely complex in their various breeds ad characteristics.

Below we have listed the top ten breed of dogs that are known to for healthy relationships with cats. Before you introduce both pets, it is important that you research the best way to do this so neither pet lets gets upset and displays naughty behaviour. Also make sure to visit our dog breeds section get more specific information about each breed.

1 - Bichon Frisé

Known to be very laid back and happy-go-lucky. This breeds loves their owners very deeply and other animals that they may live with.

2 - Golden Retriever

This particular breed is a nice, placid dog with a laid back attitude. They show loveable behaviour and often get along with most humans and other animals.

3 - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This breed is referred to as the most trustworthy companion for children and loves being part of the family. They make fantastic house pets and get along great with cats with the right training.

4 - Labrador Retriever

As with the Golden lab, the labrador retriever makes a great, loving pet to have in the family home and are great with children. This making them a perfect addition to the cat. 

5 - Maltese

The Maltese is very gentle and has a beautiful, delicate nature, making them a suitable pet for families with young children. Their kind nature makes them very suitable to get along with a cat. You will have to make sure the cat doesn't bully them!

6 - Pug

The Pug is cute and can adapt to most things. They do require a lot of attention and this must be taken into consideration if you are to introduce them to a cat. Their adaptability makes them suitable to live with a cat.

7 - Papillion

This particular breed was bred to be a lap pet and are known to be very happy dogs. They data very quickly and therefore will fit into living with a cat easy.

8 - Boxer

The playful and static Boxer does fit well with cats, as long as the cat is willing to play. If the cat isn't sociable, then you might want to reconsider introducing a Boxer to the family.

9 - Newfoundland

Often referred to as the “Gentle Giant” this breed gets on with all types of animals. They were bred to protect livestock and have shown no previous issues with cats.

10 - Basset Hound

This breed does hold the reputation to being one of the laziest breeds, therefore making them ideal to get along with a cat. They won't have the desire to chase, or play too much and show a very laid back attitude.

As always, you should always research on breeds and suitability before making any decisions. The above dogs are recommended as being suitable to live with cats, but before you bring a dog home, you must understand and research how to nitrous the most properly. You will also need to take into consideration both pets temperament and age, as the both will have an influence as to whether they both get along without any issues.


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