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28 December 2016 | Dog Advice

Make Your Dog a World Traveler

There are two types of travelers in this world: people who travel, and people who travel with their pets. I, of course, fall into the latter category. For several years now, I have spent my holidays and explorations around the world with my Max, a cuddly and curious lab. Thus far, they have been the most amazing experiences of my life. However, the same as with any firsts, the first step is always the hardest. Luckily for you, I’m willing to share my experience, and help you make your dog a world traveler.

Make the First Step

Before you even start planning your trip, you need to decide whether to bring your dog along with you or not. For me it was easy. Leaving Max at home was never an option. After all, he is family. Similarly, you need to make the same choice with your own pooch. If you are determined to bring your dog along with you on your travels, you will have the drive to see the pieces come together.

Pet Rules to Follow

To pull it off, you will need to do some extensive planning for your trip ahead. This is where research comes in handy. Different countries have different laws, and there are some quirky regulations regarding pet travel out there. These rules are also specific to breads and the size of your dog, so make sure you pick up on that, as well. This will ultimately lead you to buying any additional equipment, like a muzzle or a dog crate.

Getting Their Doggy Passport

The next step in enabling your dog to travel is getting their passport. Similarly to pet regulations, you will need a different set of documents to acquire in your own country. In most cases, a vet checkup pre-travel with rabies/titer blood tests, certificates of the shots received, and a microchip readout. I always like to research the law two weeks prior to our trip, to see if there had been any changes, and I do the vet exam a couple of days later.

Travel Safe

Another thing to consider are the airline rules governing pet travel. Each airport and airline company has a different set of rules. Don’t get discouraged. There are some pet friendly airline companies out there, but, I suggest, you still read the fine print. Smaller dogs might be allowed on-board, but larger dogs, like Max, need to be boarded in a dog kennel.

Finding the Perfect Dog House

When booking your travel accommodations, make sure you choose a pet friendly option. Beware, some hotels label themselves as pet friendly, when actually they only allow small breads to stay. Respect the house rules, and inform the staff about your pet. You don’t want your dog to run out when a maid comes tries to enter it. During our visit to Australia, I stumbled upon amazing Port Douglas holiday packages, which included a pet friendly hotel, where Max was very well welcomed and taken care of, and even made some new friends. In my experience, pet friendly package deals have always been a great way to get the very best service and accommodations for both Max and myself.

Something to Look Forward to

Whenever we visit a new destination, I make sure that we go on a day excursion to see the natural hotspots. This gives me time to do some nature photography, while Max can run around and play in a natural environment. If, in fact, you are visiting a city, make sure to always travel on foot, and go the extra mile to visit a pet friendly park. There, you are finally able to take the leash off, so your fuzzy friend can enjoy the urban setting, too.

Travelling with your dog is more than just having a friend around on your globetrotting expeditions. I take great pride and pleasure in knowing that Max has travelled the length and breadth of the places I visited beside me. Now, I can’t imagine my holidays or travels without him. Do your research and make your dog a world traveler. Trust me, your adventures won’t be the same, they will be even more amazing.


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