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3 May 2017 | Cat Advice

Top 5 Most Expensive Cat Breeds

The cost of buying a certain cat breed can vary from being completely free to spending in the thousands. There are many factors that can influence the price you pay, which often comes down to the type of cat breed, their health and history. It's also known that pedigree cats are far more expensive that your average Moggie. 

Pedigree cat breeds come with various price tags and often there are certain factors that can influence how much you will pay. There is combination of factors, such as how rare the cat breed is, the requirements to produce the particular cat breed.

Below we have listed the top five most expensive cat breeds in the world.


The cost of the Savannah has reached a staggering £25,000! The reason for such a high cost is down to the strain of the Savannah cat involved. They're normally produced from cross-breeding a domestic cat with a African Serval. First and second generation crosses that are close to the 50:50 domestic-Serval split are normally unusually expensive and thought to be sought after.

The cost incurred for buying a Savannah normally comes down to which generation that they were bred from.


The Bengal cat breed is a hybrid cat with history of a wild ancestor. A top quality Bengal cat with all the correct markings can reach anything up-to £10,000. The Bengal cat is not one of the most common cat breeds you will find within the UK. The better their appearance and markings, the more you will pay for a Bengal. 


The Asherea is normally sold for around £12,000 and there have been some cases that an Asherea cat has fetched a staggering £60,000. The Asherea is an extremely rare breed and slightly unusual looking. 


The Persian cat breed is known to be one of the most popular cat breeds in the UK. The price for a Persian cat varies between £1000 - £6000. The most expensive Persian cat are the ones that have the typical markings along with colour, appearance and temperament.


The Peterbald falls into the hairless cat breeds. The Peterbald is an appealing cat breed as they're very friendly and sociable. They have an unusual look, but do make fantastic companions for families. They come with a high price tag because of how rare they are. There are a small number of Peterbald's within the UK. If you are successful in finding one for sale, you can be expected to pay up to £7,000.


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