Pet Advice

We care about all pets and here you will find a range of pet advice information to help you gain insight or simply look after your pets health. If you can’t find what you are looking for or you are concerned about your pets health, please make sure to always get in touch with your vet for further assistance.

cat licking

People tend to think that animals show love by licking us. But is this really true? Is there another reason why they obsessively like to lick those around them?

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Help Cats Get Along

Observe your cats, are they getting along well with the other cats? There are lots of reasons why cats are fighting.

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Dog boredom

Is your dog bored? Man's best friend was originally bred to work alongside his "master." However, today's pampered pooch doesn't have to work for anything.

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Natural Dog Grooming

Dog shampoos and grooming products. There are so many that sometimes it can feel like an impossible task finding the right fit for your dog.

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Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere?

Your dog might be a little clingy sometimes. Some might explain that it was because of the nature of the dog you purchase, but it is not true.

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How to Help Your Obese Dog Lose Weight

Do you know that veterinary surveys show there are more than 80 million pets that are overweight in the United States alone? This means more than half of the pet population in the country may develop heart disease, crippling arthritis, high blood pressure…

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Hot Weather

As the temperatures are due to rise again, Mypetzilla have written the following guidelines on how to keep your dog safe and having fun during the warmer weather.

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Senior dog bath

Bathing a senior dog requires a lot of extra care and caution. When dogs reach an older age a lot of regular things take longer than they once did, which includes bath time, especially.

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