Various 2018 leopard geckos

Kent , Orpington

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Advert: For Sale

Age: 3 Wks 2 Days

Pet Breed: Leopard Gecko

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Various 2018 Leopard geckos

I have for sale some amazing looking leopard geckos which were produced from stunning looking adults from my collection.
All geckos are feeding really well on a diet of gut loaded mealworms and crickets which have all been dusted with a quality calcium and vitamin powder from hatching to present.

25 grams Male Bandit Priced at £60
28 grams Female super snow £35
20 grams Female Super raptor £50
15 grams Female super raptor £45

Below all approx 10 grams
Female super raptor £35
Female mac snow £25
Female mac snow £25
Female mac snow Het/Tremper Albino £25
Female mac snow Het/Tremper Albino £25

Collection from Orpington in Kent

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