UK captive bred 2016 Hermann baby Tortoises


Hintlesham, Suffolk

Pet Description

(Hintlesham, just past Copdock, Ipswich)

Happy for them to all go together, or separately. £130 each, or all three for £350

I am sadly having to re-home my baby Hermann Tortoises due to having an obsessed dog that won’t stop bothering them – fortunately they are in a covered cage but she has caught her paws and teeth on the bars and I intended to get an open table for the tortoises but this will not be possible. So, with regret, they will have to go for their own safety.

With Hermann Tortoises, once they are set up with their home, heat, lighting and outside access for warmer days, they are the easiest pets to care for. Great for kids .. but please be aware they can last up to (and poss more than) 80 years!

* UK captive bred 2016 Hermann's tortoise - hatched June-August 2016

* feeding and growing well * incubated for female but it's not a 100% guarantee

* all have correct paperwork (DEFRA Article 10 Cites certificates)

* microchipped

* been fed a natural diet of small amount of Florette whilst being introduced to weeds and wildflowers (they love lilacs & lambs lettuce!) with regular use of calcium supplements

* current substrate pure top soil

* well handled and do not hide in their shells (they love having plastron and under their chins gently stroked!)

NOTE: they will need a set-up, including lighting and heat, ready for them (NOTE: this is NOT CHEAP!) along with background knowledge of their needs and diet before they go to their new home

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Age:12 months
Pet Breed:Tortoise
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