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Peterborough, Cambridgeshire


Pet Information

Advertiser Type: Standard

Advert: For Sale

Age:1 Years 7 Months 1 Days

Pet Breed: Labradoodle

Size: Large Dog Breeds

Microchipped: Yes

Vaccinations: No

Neutered: No

KC Registered: No

Ad Expired/Closed

Pet Description

16/03/18 update: New pics! Puppies settling into brilliant routine feeding, sleeping and "toileting" - could set my watch by them!! Loving the whole experience and spending so much time with them (will have lots of tv to catch up on!). They're loving solids (see pic) giving Beau a well earned break from feeds. Pictures are of the puppies still waiting for their forever homes, taken at three weeks old! Having an "open" afternoon Sat 24th 2-5pm (although have to obviously limit numbers) come and see them in action, ask lots of questions - no commitment. Also have individual appointments available at weekends and some during Easter holidays. Any questions, just get in touch via text or call (emails dont always come through). Thank you! Update 3:10 March: All puppies vet checked and had first worming treatment vet very happy with progress. All boys have now found such wonderful homes, we really couldn't be happier! Five girls left, three black, two chocolate. Update 2: 3 March: Puppies have their eyes open and becoming very entertaining! Beau (mum) is nursing well, and is so healthy - might be all the chicken she's demanding! Pictures are of mum and puppies. 24 February: original announcement: We are so exciting to announce on Friday 23 February, our adorable family dog Beau had her first litter of 8 beautiful multi-generational, medium Labradoodle puppies. The puppies are being raised in our busy, noisy family home with lots of cuddles and love. We have 3 boys (one black and two chocolate) and 5 girls (3 black and 2 chocolate). Mum Beau is a 2-year-old gorgeous golden/apricot medium-size F3 Labradoodle (height 22 inches) and is our wonderful, fun loving family member. She has a soft, curly, non-moulting coat. Beau loves people (not a good guard dog-she just loves everyone!) She is wonderful with our 2 young children and enjoys family walks and meeting people and other dogs. Beau is so very affectionate, loving and loyal ‰ÛÒ and now a brilliant mummy! Dad Bruno is a calm, chilled-out chocolate F1B miniature chocolate labradoodle (Height 17 inches) with a curly fleecy coat. Hips 8/6 eyes clear (PRA clear). Viewing is by appointment only from Saturday 10th March. A non-refundable deposit is required of 200 (following viewing). We will provide regular and tailored updates of your puppy until they go to their forever home. We are looking for wonderful families for our puppies that understand the commitment, patience, time, training and love (lots of love) needed to raise a puppy to be a much-loved family member. Puppies will be ready from 8 weeks (from Friday 20 April - but will be staggered from that date) and will leave us: ‰Û¢ Microchipped ‰Û¢ Vet checked at least once ‰Û¢ Wormed and flea treated ‰Û¢ 4 weeks free pet insurance ‰Û¢ A pack of puppy training treats ‰Û¢ Mummy-scented blanket and familiar toy ‰Û¢ 2kg pack of their puppy food (Harringtons) ‰Û¢ A folder full of advice, helpful suggestions and detailed information about your puppy

Important Buying Advice

Are you planning on giving this Labradoodle a home? Please make sure to visit our Dog Advice section for further information on being a responsible owner and general pet advice. However here are some helpful buying advice tips and articles which we recommend you read before you make your final decision to adopt or buy a Labradoodle:

Important checklist for Labradoodle puppy

Mypetzilla recommends that all potential buyers or those looking to adopt a puppy; fully read and understand the checklist below before they visit the puppy. It is very important that you DO NOT buy a puppy or dog from the advertiser unless you are 100% satisfied that all the points below have been addressed and understood. Mypetzilla suggests you download this checklist and take this with you during the viewing of the puppy. We advise that you tick off every point on this list and are a 100% confident that the advertiser is genuine. If you have any concerns over an advertiser please report them to us.

Research thoroughly before committing

Adopting, or buying a new puppy or dog is an important decision and big responsibility. As an owner, you will solely responsible for the welfare of your new pet and will also be financially committed. Before you decide to buy or adopt you must ensure that you’re 100% committed beforehand.  For further information on caring for puppies and dogs, please visit our pet advice section. You can also find out more information about the Labradoodle breed by visiting the Labradoodle Dog Breed Information.

The puppy must be 8 weeks of age or over

Before bringing your beloved puppy home, it's important that the puppy is over 8 weeks of age and has been properly weaned before they leave their mothers. Some sellers will keep the puppy longer than this and this is perfectly fine.

Ask to see the puppy’s mother when visiting the puppies 

When visiting the puppy’s you should ask to see their mother and if available also ask to see the father. If the advertiser refuses to let you see the mother, or the mother isn’t around for viewing, then this is a very good indication that the puppies have not been bred by the advertiser and they’ve most likely been imported. There should be absolutely NO reason for you not being able to see the mother of the puppies. If the advertiser gives any excuses why you can’t, then Mypetzilla advises you to walk away and report them to us. Mypetzilla forbids third-party selling of puppies. All puppies advertised must have been bred by the advertiser. If this is not the case, Mypetzilla will report the advert to the authorities for necessary action.

It's worth asking the seller a few questions regarding the mother:

  • How old is the mother? (she should be at least 1.5 years of age)
  • How many litters she has had?
  • How is the mother's temperament?

All these questions are important for the future health of your dog and the seller should want to tell you everything about the puppy’s mother.

Check the advertiser is 100% genuine

Is the advertiser genuine? Make sure the advertiser is 100% genuine. You can do this by arranging a visit with the potential advertisers home if they try to avoid you visiting, or make excuses, and then you should be concerned. If the advertiser asks for money, or deposit to be paid online without you visiting the dog at their home, or they request to meet you somewhere or drop the dog off at yours, then please DO NOT agree. We advise that you should never send money online. If you’re concerned about an advertiser’s authenticity then please report them to us.

Mypetzilla conducts various checks on advertisers on this site, but are unable to confirm that all are genuine. So please make sure you visit the advertiser at their home and verify this yourself.

Important health checks for puppies and dogs

It is very important that you check the health of your puppy or dog before you decide to adopt or buy. A responsible seller will fully understand the need and therefore fully cooperate with assisting in the checking the health of the puppy.  Majority of sellers will agree that you can return the puppy or dog within 48 hours should they have any health issues. Mypetzilla recommends taking your puppy or dog to the vet for a health check as soon as you take them home. If the puppy has already had a health check by the seller’s veterinary practice, then they should provide you with the legitimate paperwork to support this. It is also worth ringing the vet to confirm everything beforehand.

Vaccinations must be up to date

Check the puppy or dog is up-to-date with their vaccinations. All puppies should have received 2 vaccinations. The first vaccination should be given between 8-10 weeks of age and the 2nd vaccination should be given no more than 2 weeks later when the puppy has reached the age of 10-12 weeks. Older dogs may also need booster vaccinations and this is normally recommended by the vet. It's important that you check with the seller what vaccinations the puppy or dog has had. It's worth noting that puppies should have had their first vaccination before they leave their mother. If the seller has not provided a vaccination plan, then it will be your responsibility to make sure you arrange both vaccinations 7 days before letting your puppy go outside.

Check the puppies have had their treatment for worms and fleas

It is recommended that all puppies should be wormed at the age of 2 weeks and then receive another treatment at the age of 5 weeks old. Before the puppy leaves the seller, they should have had more worming treatment at 8 to 12 weeks of age.

Check to see if the puppies have been socialised

It's necessary that the puppies have interacted well with their puppy litter and have been raised in a home environment around other adults, children, and general household life. Puppies that don't receive this kind of training and development from a young age, may go on to develop behavioural problems later in their life and become difficult to train. They may likely develop temperament issues and will find it difficult to adjust to family life.

Kennel Club registration?

If the puppy or dog has been registered with the Kennel Club, then you must check that you’ve been given the correct documentation before you take the puppy/dog home. It's worth considering to check the documentation and phoning the Kennel Club to verify the registration.

Check the Puppy has been microchipped

This is a very important point and is also law abiding. From the 6th April 2016, it is required by Law that all dogs over 8 weeks of age are microchipped and that the keeper's details are registered in their name and are kept up-to-date. It is the breeder’s responsibility to microchip the puppies and that all the correct information is kept up-to-date on the database before they are adopted or bought. You must make sure you receive the microchip documentation with the chip number and then arrange to change the microchip details into your name. You can find out more information about this by visiting our puppy and dog microchipping article.

Considering pet insurance

Insuring your puppy or dog is one of the most important decisions you should make when bringing your beloved puppy home. Veterinary fees can become extremely expensive and it's important that you have the correct level of cover beforehand. We recommend that you research pet insurance providers and purchase the correct level of cover. Most policies will allow you to start the cover the day your puppy or dog arrives at their new home. Please check our pet insurance section for further information.

Pet Advertisers Advisory Group (PAAG)

Mypetzilla strongly advises all new potential pet owners to visit the PAAG's website for further information and advice on buying a puppy or dog. Please make sure to visit their how to buy a dog section. 

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