Juvenile, Healthy Male Beardie For Sale

Sunbury on Thames, Middlesex

Pet Information

Advert: For Sale

Age: 30 Wks 3 Days

Pet Breed: Bearded Dragon

Microchipped: nul

Vaccinations: nul

Neutered: nul

Contact Details

Ad Expired/Closed

Pet Description

A healthy, beautiful patterned young male beardie about 11\" long in size with his tail end. I bought him off a reptile breeder but unfortunately, after a month of having him, I\'ve decided that I do not really have the time and love to give him with my shift work. He has not been handled very much and so maybe still not used to being handled. He\'s very quick and loves his mealworms in the evening and likes to be out of his viv exploring. The price comes with a wooden viv 36\" by 20\", basking lamp, UV bulb, large bamboo root and aspen bedding (not a fresh bag of aspen bedding). If you would like pictures feel free to contact me.

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