Hand-reared Lovebirds

Camborne, Cornwall


Pet Information

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Age:1 Years 10 Months 3 Days

Pet Breed: Lovebirds

Microchipped: nul

Vaccinations: nul

Neutered: nul

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Pet Description

AS OF 28/02/18, WE HAVE 2 LOVEBIRDS AND 2 EGGS. Price: 90-95 pounds depending on colour, which includes a non-refundable deposit of 25 pounds per bird. Price boundaries: Green (standard type) Peachface Lovebird - 90 pounds Hybrid Peachface Lovebird (including Lutinos) - 95 pounds Blue Lovebird - 95 pounds Pastel/Opaline Peachface Lovebird - 100 pounds Fishers Lovebird - 105 pounds Masked Lovebird - 110 pounds Each baby will come with: some seed to last you a few days until you are able to get your own. For your peace of mind, we will include a little \'how to care for your lovebird guide\' in case you are inexperienced or are giving one as a gift to a friend/child. Optional delivery service: Can deliver from Camborne, Cornwall up to a 100-mile radius. Buyer pays petrol charges. Or you can arrange a suitable courier service. Babies will be hand reared from 2-4 weeks and have been fed on a good quality hand rearing food (NutriBird A21/A19, Orlux Handmix). They have will be weaned on Kaytee Exact Rainbow for Cockatiels and Panicum Millet, which is a high-quality food which has all the essential nutrients and fats for their development. They will be eating Country Wide Parakeet and some Country Wide/Johnson and Jeff Deluxe Parrot With Fruit/Number One Parrot (seed) before they come to you. They will be ready at 8-9 weeks of age when your baby of choice has been fully weaned and is eating/drinking without concern. All babies will have a split band on their leg when they come to you. We can also supply cages suitable for your baby at a price from our supplier. 1) FULL-SIZE CAGE SUITABLE FOR 2 LOVEBIRDS - 92H x 46W x 36D (cm) with 4 feeders, 3 perches and 1 swing. Can be ordered as requested. 2) FULL-SIZE CAGE SUITABLE FOR 1 LOVEBIRD - 57.5H x 46.5W x 35.5D (cm) with 2 feeders and 2 perches. Limited stock at the moment, but can be ordered as requested 3) TRAVEL CAGE - 32H ? 27W ? 27D (cm) with a perch. Can be ordered as requested. For an additional 7 pounds and 50 pence, we can make your lovebird a tent to sleep/relax in. We use these tents for our own birds, so we would not sell you anything we wouldn\'t be prepared to use. Every tent is made of a high-quality finish and is very safe, compared to foreign alternatives. PLEASE, NO TIME WASTERS AS WE WANT OUR LOVEBIRDS TO GO TO CARING AND LOVING HOMES.

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