Fabulous Mini Lop X Lionlop Kits.

Petersfield, Hampshire


Pet Information

Advertiser Type: Standard

Advert: For Sale

Age:50 Years 6 Months 24 Days

Pet Breed: Mixed Breed

Microchipped: No

Vaccinations: No

Neutered: No

Ad Expired/Closed


Please avoid all unnecessary travel as issued by the Government guidelines for the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak.

Avoid sending any deposits prior to viewing the pet you wish to buy. For the latest Government Coronavirus guidance please visit https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus

An initial viewing can be done via a variety of social media tools and apps. Mypetzilla recommends building the relationship with the seller over the phone in the mean-time and keeping track of the progress of the pet in question. When there is further clarity on the current restrictions regarding Covid-19 then a face-to-face viewing can be arranged.

Pet Description

Sapphire presents her five wonderful mini lop x mini lionlop kits. Mum is pure mini lop and Dad is a lionlop. They have a black self, a chocolate otter, a chocolate self, a sooty fawn and one Orange and white split with blue eyes. They will be medium fluffy with ears that will lop fully. Litter trained and very friendly miniature breed kits who are ideal ideal house bunnies. They love to be indoors with the family on the sofa all cosy in a Briar Patch Bunny bed. We are licensed by EHDC and animal welfare approved, thorough tutorial on care and welfare provided plus food and care pack. Prices vary depending on colour. All kits go in pairs for their happiness and welfare, any single kit must live indoors only until partnered with an opposite sex kit. Gender is not clear or guaranteed until 12 weeks old. See my Facebook page The Briar Patch in Petersfield for updates on availability and reviews. Price shown is for the sooty fawn kit.

Avoid Online Pet Scams

  • Sellers offering expensive pedigree dogs at discount prices
  • Potential sellers offer to meet you away from the house at a location halfway, which may seem like they’re being helpful, when in fact they’re most likely hiding something conspicuous; such as the exact location as to where the puppies were bred
  • Sellers not allowing you to see the mum because ‘ they’re at the vets’ or ‘out on a walk’
  • Advertising a puppy for sale with a ‘fake’ mum to make it look like they’ve been bred in a family home
  • Sellers offering to post the puppies pedigree or medical paperwork
  • Sellers asking for deposits up-front before seeing the puppy (which potentially may not exist)
  • Puppies displaying health issues such as back problems or snoring and sellers claiming that this is ‘normal’ for the dog breed in question
  • Be aware of sellers offering a ‘rare’ breed colour
  • Puppies imported from abroad and being sold without the appropriate vaccinations or being sold too young
  • If you experience any of the above please makse sure to report the seller to us

Are you aware?

Important Buying Advice

Are you planning on giving this pet a home? Please make sure to visit our Rabbit Advice section for further information on being a responsible owner and general pet advice.

Pet Advertisers Advisory Group (PAAG)

Mypetzilla strongly advises all new potential pet owners to visit the PAAG's website for further information and advice on buying a rabbit. Please make sure to visit their how to buy Rabbits section.

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