Beautiful Bonnie

Malvern, Worcester


Pet Information

Advertiser Type: Rescue Center

Advert: For Adoption

Age:10 Years 10 Months 10 Days

Pet Breed: Mixed Breed

Microchipped: Yes

Vaccinations: Yes

Neutered: Yes

Registered: No

Pet Description

Bonnie finds herself at WARS through no fault of her own. She is a sweet girl but she is rather overweight so has been started on a diet here at the shelter. She has longer fur which will require regular grooming. She can be a little grumpy having this done, but a little every day will make a real difference.

Bonnie will need a home where she is the only pet. She would prefer an adult only home with access to the outside when she has the chance. She has spent most of her time indoors, but has recently been given access to a garden and very much enjoyed that. Her new family must keep on top of her grooming and her diet.

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