Baby Budgies

Northampton, Northamptonshire


Pet Information

Advertiser Type: Standard

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Age:1 Years 4 Months 3 Days

Pet Breed: Budgerigars

Microchipped: No

Vaccinations: No

Neutered: No

Ad Expired/Closed

Pet Description

Firstly let me apologise for the quality of the picture..s. i am a budgie breeder not a photographer. We have a lovely selection of baby budgies ready for their new home..s. All our babies are aviary bred and NOT hand tame. It is my belief that hand taming is part of the bonding process and better left to the new owner so as to avoid any separation anxiety for the baby. Once they fledge at around 6 weeks we bring them indoors for 2 weeks observation to ensure they are eating and drinking adequately for themselves. We welcome and encourage visits to our outdoor aviary and our indoor babies. If you need any advice on buying a cage or viewing a bird and you need to know what to look for in a healthy bird contact Us. We are always willing to help. If you would like to arrange a visit just drop us a line. When buying a cage for your budgie baby please bear in mind that budgies fly from side to side not up and down. They require a wide cage with plenty of floor area to forage not a tall cage more suited to canaries or bigger parakeets. We always recommend the ferplast piano 6. we have several ourselves. Our prices are 20 each for normal. 25 for lutino and albino. No offers will be considered. Sexing is extremely difficult in budgies so young and whilst i like to think we get it right most of the time mistakes to happen. Some of the babies in the photo..s are still in their observation period. We would be happy to reserve any bird with a 5 deposit for collection at a suitable time. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you add a feathered baby to your family. 18.11.18

Important Buying Advice

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