Baby Bearded Dragon

Wolverhampton, West Midlands


Pet Information

Advertiser Type: Standard

Advert: For Sale

Age:2 Years 27 Days

Pet Breed: Bearded Dragon

Microchipped: nul

Vaccinations: nul

Neutered: nul

Ad Expired/Closed


Please avoid all unnecessary travel as issued by the Government guidelines for the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak.

Avoid sending any deposits prior to viewing the pet you wish to buy. For the latest Government Coronavirus guidance please visit

An initial viewing can be done via a variety of social media tools and apps. Mypetzilla recommends building the relationship with the seller over the phone in the mean-time and keeping track of the progress of the pet in question. When there is further clarity on the current restrictions regarding Covid-19 then a face-to-face viewing can be arranged.

Pet Description

Bearded dragon babys for sale Clutch 1 Mom: blood red trams hypo Dad: genetic stripe red Mom : tiger hypo het trans Dad : genetic stripe Clutch 3 Mom red hypo het trans Dad dunner hypo het trans Babys : Genetic stripe hypo trans 120-140 Genetic stripe trans het hypo 100 Genetic stripe hypo het trans 100 Dunner hypos 50 Reds hypos and trans 60-80 Hypo trans tigers 80-100 Trans tigers 90 Leather backs and normals scale We also have silkback dragons Genetic stripe tigers These are not beginner dragons and owners must know what they are doing

Important Buying Advice

Are you planning on giving this pet a home? Please make sure to visit our Reptile Advice section for further information on being a responsible owner and general pet advice.

Pet Advertisers Advisory Group (PAAG)

Mypetzilla strongly advises all new potential pet owners to visit the PAAG's website for further information and advice on buying a reptile. Please make sure to visit their how to buy a reptile section. 

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