African gray parrot 20 months old


Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

Pet Description

20 months old african gray parrot talks very good he's just started to pluck his feathers cus he can't come out as much as we have 3 dogs and they dant like him flying about hes like a teenager as the minit testing his boundaries with what he can get away with ..he likes me some times but he loves my miss so I think hes a woman's bird lol we do have hatching certicate and hes close rung with D.O.B on a ring on foot we have ad this bird since he was 10 weeks old and is a reluctant sale as we love him so much but he needs the freedom he comes with a big cage all toys and food if u need any more info just call or text thanks jay P.S no time wasters and no over seas Byers and no scamers

Advert Type:For Sale
Age:20 Months
Pet Breed:Parrots
Pet tags:Gray

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