Adorable Bengal Kittens 8wks Old Ready Now!

Uxbridge, Middlesex


Pet Information

Advertiser Type: Standard

Advert: For Sale

Age: 50 Wks 3 Days

Pet Breed: Bengal

Microchipped: No

Vaccinations: No

Neutered: No

Registered: No

Ad Expired/Closed

Pet Description

Bengal Kittens 8weeks Old ready NOW! To go to their forever homes. Outstanding Beautiful markings with lots of Spots & Stripes, Gorgeous faces, 3 Male (2 spotted 1 marbled) and 1Female spotted. All 595. Light Mink seal background with lovely strong contrasting Charcoal Black leopard type spots & stripes or Marbled and very cutely spotted tummies. Both parents can be seen as are our pets and are health checked, along with our other Bengals. Photos don\'t do justice as fluffy stage hair catches the lens light from front and side view. Kittens are brought up in a loving family home so handled well from birth, all our time makes them exceptionally friendly and loving and used to play, children, noise and other Bengal cats. Kittens are: Fully litter trained, Eating dried & wet food, Drinking water, Regularly Wormed and flea treated, Backup support post sale. Bengals are highly intelligent, more characteristic of dog than cat, excellent with children and other pets, love human companionship, will take walks with you, come when called, play fetch, bring you their toys and are not unknown to come and sit in your bath or shower like a spa, as they are one of few cats who love water. Bengals are quite different from your normal moggie! Hence why people pay more for them. Though slightly fluffy now, they will have short silky and very soft glossy coats all with gorgeous leopard type markings along with athletic bodies. Call or Text for more info. Can email but not as quick response

Important Buying Advice

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