4 Months Baby White Bellied Yellow Thigh Caique

Oldham, Greater Manchester


Pet Information

Advertiser Type: Standard

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Age:2 Years 1 Months

Pet Breed: Parrots

Microchipped: nul

Vaccinations: nul

Neutered: nul

Ad Expired/Closed

Pet Description

4 Months Baby White Bellied Caique Please take a moment to read the description in full which will give you a more clear idea of her personality. This is our baby kiwi who is six 4 months old. She was hand reared by my mum from 3 weeks old. Close Rang and all paper work. Kiwi has been DNA sexed with certificate. Kiwi is very very tamed and will literally go to anyone and is very spoilt. She spends literally all day and all evening outside her cage, till she feels she needs to sleep. She loves seeking attention, like a puppy can\'t wait to get out her cage. she will eat anything you give her. In the morning she comes from her cage while we having tea or coffee and will take biscuit and try to have the coffee as well. If you are new to this species of parrot please YouTube it and you will see how adorable and fun these parents are. Basically these parrots are clowns or in another way small puppies that never grow up. Kiwi likes two hop around, lie flat on her back either in the palm of your hand or on your lap likes to climb on your shoulder. She spends most of the evening with my 7 year old daughter, follows her around the house and even steals food from her. She likes spending time with everyone in the family household keeps her occupied. Also she is full of energy you could give her a piece of paper and she\'ll start playing with that for hours. Comes with her own cage, food, certificate. If you are interested I suggest you coming to visit Kiwi first. have a play with her get to know her. The only reason we are getting rid of her is my mum has Fallen ill suddenly and is moving in with us. and will not have time to look after her as well plus when you come you will see we only have one living room so have no room for her anymore

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