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Life span

16 Years


Burmese Overview

The Burmese cat is a domestic cat breed originating from Thailand. Originally, the Burmese cat was dark brown in colour but now they come in a variety of colours. They’re a small to a medium-sized cat breed, weighing around 4-6kg. They’re well-built despite their size.

The Burmese cat is strong and athletic and has a wonderful temperament and relaxed attitude to life. This unique cat breed is also known to have a dog-like personality and loves to entertain themselves by following their owners around their home and be involved in everything they do.



Thinking of buying or adopting a Burmese?

Burmese Characteristics

History & Origin

The Burmese cat originated in Thailand but is believed to have roots near the Thai-Burma border and was later developed in the UK & US. 


Burmese Temperament

This cat breed is highly intelligent and has lots of energy. Often referred to as an extrovert, the Burmese needs to be kept busy as they have an active mind and become bored very easily. They love to explore but will never stray too far away from their home.

The male Burmese cat tends to be larger in size than the female Burmese, but they both show the exact same qualities and kind, loving nature. This particular cat breed is very popular and an amazing choice for a loving companion.

If you do plan on owning a Burmese, it is worthwhile investing in lots of mind-engaging toys to prevent them from becoming bored and potentially destructive around the home.

Children and other pets

The Burmese make great climbers and jumpers and therefore should have perches in the home to be able to jump and play. They love having their stomach rubbed by their loved does and enjoy a long petting session with their favourite people. 

This wonderful cat breed tends to get on very well with children of all ages because they love to play. They also get on very well with other small household pets provided their socialised from an easy age and trained correctly. Playtime should always be supervised to prevent rough play.